The Mind Moves the Mass

Linton’s Academic Services is a well-established school, where high standards are maintained and a firm foundation is developed to support our students’ future learning and endeavors. Consequently, we seek to develop well- rounded students, thus we promote and deliver a holistic curriculum of the relevant cocktail of subjects and resources.

Our Courses


Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Office Administration, Economics, Human and Social Biology, Social Studies, History, Modern Languages (Spanish and French), Electrical and Electronic Technology


Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Pure Mathematics, Integrated Mathematics, Accounting, Economics, Management of Business, Computer Science, Communication Studies, Literatures of English, Caribbean Studies, Sociology, Environmental Science

As we strive to create a curriculum that takes into account the trends and demands locally, regionally and globally, since 2013, we have expanded our offerings to include certificates in:







Students are also able to obtain a Diploma from the Caribbean Examination Council. This depends on the number and combinations of subjects, limited to a specific or extending across disciplines. The quality of the pass obtained will also be a deciding factor in whether or not the diploma is conferred.

We are very responsive to the needs of our students and as such we identify students with special needs, such as being remedial and ensure that they are catered for. Therefore, we implemented from inception, a reading/numeracy program in order to build and improve these student’s literacy and computation skills, confidence and self-esteem. If it is suspected that the needs are greater than we can manage, we are obliged to inform the relevant government agency tasked with the job of assessing and ultimately remedying the situation.

Additionally students are prepared for the American-based SSAT, SAT, ACT and GRE examinations. The implementation of these examinations has proven to be a great success especially with the interest generated and the potential for take-up by our students. We view this as a very exciting time for us here at Linton’s Academic Services!

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Co-curricular Activities

It is our belief that in addition to creating and providing relevant and stimulating academic programs, the students should be exposed to personal development activities. This would include their involvement in a combination of sporting and social associations. We are actively involved in football and netball competitions which are organized by JISA, of which we are an affiliate member.

Our students are well aware and have taken part in the outreach arm of our operations (Tutoring, Mentoring and Charity Service Club), including but not limited to, our yearly treat for the homeless people in downtown Kingston and the home work program for remedial students. We are actively planning on improving the offerings for co-curricular activities to include the well-established service organization here in Jamaica, such as the Lions and Kiwanis Clubs. Further, we have commenced the operations of Science, Mathematics, debate and drama school-based clubs.

Group of happy studnets

Our courses inspire both academic merit
and extra-curricular talent.